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WelcomeTo Good Shepherd Baptist Church

150 New Beason Well Road

Kingsport, TN 37660


Pastor Robert Fletcher

Independent, Fundamental, PreMillennial, Missionary

Our Missionaries
Sister Elaine Rogers Mexico
Brother Nick Sorrell Sri Lanka
Brother Trinidad Garza Mexico, Cuba, South & Central America
Brother Daniel Norton Italy - Aviano
Brother Charles Long Rock of Ages Prison Ministry
Brother Paul Prichard Brazil and Africa
Radio Broadcast-Pastor Robert Fletcher Home - WPWT 870 AM And WPWT 100.7 FM
Jail Ministry Home
Nursing Home Ministry Home
Tri State Baptist Children’s Home Home
Brother Phil Hyland Australia
Brother Mark Gerosin Columbia
Brother Gene Hooker Rock of Ages Prison Ministry
Brother Kwadwo Nixon Rock of Ages Prison Ministry Ghana, Africa
Brother John Atkinson Turkey
Brother Alan and Sister Sabrina Davis Bronx, New York
Carlos Flores Costa Rica
Bismark Martinez Costa Rica
Guillermo Rojas Costa Rica
Jorge Varela Costa Rica
Frances Houston Grenada, West Indies